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Team Rugged ~Discipline in Training Promo~

This video shows is a set of choreographed moves crossed with weapons training performed by TR (Team Rugged) team leader Patrick Caughran accompanied by TR g…

KY Lawmaker Behind “In God We Trust” Law Slams Schools Using “Silly Loopholes”

State Rep. Brandon Reed is furious that schools are following the law that he wrote.

Ohio man posted about mass shootings, attacking Planned Parenthood and federal agents, authorities say

Federal prosecutors on Monday charged a Boardman teenager with making threats against law enforcement, following an investigation that showed him supporting mass shootings and living in a house with 25 guns and 10,000 rounds of ammunition, records show.

Wilkes-Barre Planned Parenthood office vandalized | Times Leader

WILKES-BARRE — Glass doors were smashed, graffiti was painted on walls and it appeared a fire was attempted at the Planned Parenthood clinic on North Main Street early Monday.

Op-Ed: Mike Huckabee ties mass shootings to an absence of faith in God. Social science proves him wrong

After the recent mass shootings, Mike Huckabee points the finger at a lack of religion, not at guns. Social science proves him and other Christian moralizers wrong.

Atheist Schools Preacher in Reality

See what happens when a Christian street preacher asks a 19-year-old student how he comes to conclusions about reality. Dustin S Segers, a professional Chris…

Lee’s Summit teachers protest required district meeting at anti-gay church — and win

The Lee’s Summit school district planned a back-to-school convocation for teachers and staff to be held in a local church that has anti-gay views. Teachers protested, and officials on Monday changed the venue.

Texas Congressman says if El Paso shooter is charged with a hate crime, pastors will be next

Congressman Louie Gohmert thinks pastors quoting the Bible in church will be prosecuted like mass shooters…

Dayton mayor calls for resignation of state lawmaker who blamed shooting on gay marriage, open borders

Dayton, Ohio, Mayor Nan Whaley (D) on Tuesday condemned a state lawmaker who blamed the weekend’s mass shooting in the city on gay marriage, video games and open borders, calling for her resignation. 

Train Passengers Unite To Tell Preacher To Shut The F*Ck Up!