Intelligent Design Venn Diagram

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  • Passing Through

    Intelligent Design stupid?

    According to accepted science, an infinately dense/hot/spinning point inflated, giving us the known universe and the laws which govern it.

    Q:So this spinning dot had properties prior to the laws of nature?
    Q:It was dense/spinning/hot relative to what?
    Q:What laws governed the mechanism of the expansion?
    Q:Don’t this violate thermodynamics?

    I think more faith is required to believe this version of events than that of the Intelligent Design folks.

  • um, no. I beg beg beg you to go out and try to learn about this stuff on your own. you sound somewhat silly spouting off about things that you only have a barest glimmer of an understanding on.

    You’re saying that it takes more faith that the universe isn’t 100% understandable than it takes to believe that the universe was created at the drop of the hat by one of many omnipotent forces?

  • Passing Through

    Scientists claim something else?
    Please point me toward a resource where I can gain the fuller undertanding you have.
    Which question is “silly?”

  • you’re entire attitude is silly

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