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A Satanic Monument Was Briefly (But Gloriously) Unveiled Outside the AR Capitol

All hail Baphomet.

Alexa Offers To Lead Family Prayer After No One Else Volunteers

HORTON, ND—It was time to eat dinner at the Kendall household and Gregory Kendall, who had just come home from a long day selling auto parts, was in no mood to pray. “Would anyone else like to pray?” he asked his family, but he was met with blank stares, his children not jumping at […]

Grand jury report: Priests ran child porn ring in Pittsburgh Diocese

The state grand jury report on child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church details a child porn ring in the Diocese of Pittsburgh

We can only hope that they go for the death penalty in these cases, then shut down the organizations that have been found to be harboring such people.

Creationist Kent Hovind Now Says Celery is Proof That Evolution is False

Celery, like bananas and broccoli, is a PRODUCT of evolution.

Candidate, a Pastor, Wants to Go Back to When Being Gay Was “Criminalized”

Democrats need to drive this bigotry out of Washington.

Conservative Christian Michigan Parents Sob In HORROR After Hearing MURDER Charge!!

27 y/o Conservative Christian Kooks, Seth Welch and Tatiana Fusari Sobbed in HORROR and in SHOCK as a judge said they were being charged with MURDER after th…

Send Thoughts and Prayers: South Carolina is Losing Its Churches

How much of the decline can be attributed to self-inflicted wounds?

After Backlash, Atlanta School Will Once Again Recite Pledge in the Morning

May students protest even harder now.

Atlanta school: No more Pledge of Allegiance to start day

ATLANTA (AP) — Students at an Atlanta school will no longer say the Pledge of Allegiance to start their school day. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports…

Satanist Found Guilty of Misdemeanors After Prayer Protest at Government Meeting

The board should eliminate the prayers completely.