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Patton Oswalt – The Insanity Of Faith

From his video, Finest Hour.

2 comments to Patton Oswalt – The Insanity Of Faith

  • Bubba

    First off, atheists make up about 3 to 5% of the US population according to the CIA fact book. Patton and those who call themselves atheists are stuck with a mystery wrapped in an enigma. How is that such a “violent” religion, practiced by the founding fathers of our country produced the laws, rights and freedoms we enjoy while all the atheist run communists countries digress into a massive prison colony (read the Gulag Archipelago for a primer)? The list of violent, murderous atheist leaders is long. Stalin himself slaughtered something like 60 million of his own people. The truth is, atheists are mostly young white males who were, in many cases, raised in Christian homes. They didn’t like mommy and daddy’s rules so they rebelled. Now this 5% or so of the population lives in a fantasy world where they see themselves as enlightened and the other 95% are insane. I have no hate for them. Heck, my father was one until he converted at the age of 36. He was an angry young white man until a Messianic Jew showed him prophesies about Jesus. My father converted. I believe in freedom to believe or not believe, but atheists fill body bags at an alarming rate, according to history. I think Patton might be better off talking about the insanity of atheism. At least he would get a wider audience. (0;

    • Tiki God

      1 – have a link to back up that 5% claim? There was a recent Atlantic article that found 49% of Americans do not go to church, ever, which is one of primary attributes that Atheists have www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/08/religious-participation-survey/496940/
      2 – You’re assuming that the founders did what they did how they did it BECAUSE of their religion, when all evidence suggests they did it DESPITE their religious callings. Many of them were of religions that were at odds with each other, there’s a good breakdown here: www.adherents.com/gov/Founding_Fathers_Religion.html The final goal what to prevent any one of the religions to gain control over the government, with the argument for complete separation of Church and State winning the day.
      3 – The “angry atheist converting late in life” is a tired trope that still has life to it. Praytell, what prophesies did your magical prophet share that changed his mind?
      4 – Atheists filling body bags is a straight up lie. There haven’t been many deaths in the name of not believing in something. I’m ashamed that you even mentioned that on this site.

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