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More than 200 Baptist ministers, deacons and others found guilty of sex abuse, report says

A total of about 380 Southern Baptist leaders and volunteers have faced allegations of sexual misconduct, a newspaper investigation found.

Bizarre moment televangelist defends his use of THREE private jets 

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland asked the Inside Edition interviewer in the May clip: ‘Do you think the Jewish people believe you should be broke? They believe in wealth.’

LEGO Fan Pushed Out of Convention for Graphic (but Accurate) Bible Displays

It’s like atheists always say, the Bible is not safe for children.

Study Discovers Children Raised Without Religion Are Kinder And More Empathetic

In a study that was conducted by the University of Chicago, a link was found between non-religious upbringing and kindness. In fact, children who were…

The preachers getting rich from poor Americans

Some televangelists ask people to give cash to earn financial favour from God – it’s often the hardest-up giving their last pennies.

Islamic scholar calls for ‘separation of mosque and state’, gets death threats | Algiers Herald

The Islamic scholar Saïd Djabelkhir who made the headlines recently after stating that fasting during ramadan was not compulsory, pleaded this time for

Abortion bans are a result of the crumbling of church-state separation

Today’s attacks on church-state separation are putting the lives and freedom of countless women at risk.

Michigan Court: It’s Not Child Neglect To Withhold Medical Care Because Of Religious Beliefs

Outrageous miscarriage of justice: The Michigan Supreme Court has just issued a ruling declaring that it’s not child neglect to withhold medical care if parents are doing so because of sincere religious beliefs.

Maine governor signs bill to remove religious, philosophical vaccine exemptions

Maine Gov.

Owners of biblical replica of Noah’s ark sue over … rain damage (and it wasn’t even 40 days and 40 nights)

Ark Encounter, the Kentucky attraction that boasts a 510-foot long replica of Noak’s Ark, has sued its insurers for failing to cover rain damage