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Brooklyn Diocese Demands Apology For SNL Joke – Joe.My.God.

Via press release: The Diocese of Brooklyn is demanding an immediate public apology from “Saturday Night Live” and NBC after Saturday night’s disgraceful and offensive skit in which cast member Pete Davidson, during the Weekend Update segment, said: “If you support the Catholic Church, isn’t that the same thing as being an R. Kelly […]

Mother jailed for 11 years in first British FGM conviction

Woman who cut three-year-old daughter also given two more years for other offences

Woman stabbed her daughter, 11, to prevent her from having sex, cops say

An Orlando woman stabbed her 11-year-old daughter more than a dozen times Sunday because the girl smiled “different,” causing her mother to think her child was having sex, authorities said.

Breakthrough Trailer

BREAKTHROUGH is based on the inspirational true story of one mother’s unfaltering love in the face of impossible odds. When Joyce Smith’s adopted son John fa…

This trailer makes me irrationally angry. The synopsis is enough to enrage a normal person: “The inspirational true story…” which is bullshit, it has no basis in reality, […]

Administrator, wife stole $1.2M from church to pay for vacations, sports tickets

Authorities say the money was stolen from the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Upper St. Clair over the course of about 17 years.

Cyanide & Happiness (Explosm.net)


House Republican Files Bill Requiring Witnesses to Say “So Help Me God” in Oath

If you need the fear of God to tell the truth, you have serious problems.

Christian School Tells Female Dancers to Bind Breasts with Bandages Before Show

If you can’t watch a college dance show unless the women bind their bodies, you’re the problem.

Democratic House Chair Purposely Omits “So Help Me God” When Administering Oath

Can we have more Democratic committee chairs like Rep. Diana DeGette?

Patton Oswalt – The Insanity Of Faith

From his video, Finest Hour.