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Chicago-area priests arrested in South Beach for lewdness | Miami Herald

Miami Beach police arrested Diego Berrio and Edwin Giraldo-Cortez, a pair of priests from an Arlington Heights, IL, rectory, for lewd and lascivious behavior on South Beach’s Ocean Drive Monday afternoon.

Christian TV Host Warns Rachel Maddow Will Lead Coup Against Trump

Christian TV host Rick Wiles warns his followers that MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is preparing to lead a bloody coup to overthrow the Trump administration.

Aretha Franklin funeral bishop accused of ‘groping’ Ariana Grande apologises

Bishop Charles H Ellis III has apologised after touching Ariana Grande’s chest and for making a racial joke about her name.

‘No more apologies’: Pope’s visit fails to soothe Irish fury over abuse

As the Pope asked for forgiveness in Mass on Sunday, protesters in Dublin said the Pontiff’s apologies failed to address their fury over a long list of church-related abuses in Ireland.

How parents act on their religious beliefs linked to the onset of atheism in their children

People tend to become atheists at a younger age when their religious parents talk the talk but don’t walk the walk, according to new research published in …

These Christians Are Speaking Jesus Gibberish to Help Trump Defeat Witchcraft

Our government is run by people who actually believe this nonsense.


EXCLUSIVE: Catholic Church spent $2M on major N.Y. lobbying firms to block child-sex law reform – NY Daily News

The New York Catholic Conference has hired major lobby firms to help block a bill to help child sex abuse victims seek justice.

1 – This is really no surprise.

2 – I still feel like an emotional outburst is warrented, so

3 – Fuck these pieces of shit for all the child raping and protection of child rapists.

Indonesia woman irked by mosque noise convicted of blasphemy

An Indonesian court has sentenced a woman who complained about a noisy mosque to 18 months in prison for blasphemy. The ethnic Chinese woman, Meiliana, burst into tears as presiding Judge Wahyu Prasetyo Wibowo announced the sentence Tuesday. She was taken from the court in handcuffs. …

Texas Back-to-School Prayer Rally Draws Literally 0 Participants

Maybe God’s sending a message.

Christian Reviewer Shocked by Links to Religious Conservatism in BlacKkKlansman

This reviewer doesn’t understand his own history.