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The Separation of Church and State Makes Rick Santorum Want to Throw Up

I think we got a winner here.

Documentary trailer: Kidnapped for Christ

Time to revolt.


Responding to Christian Protestors at a Planned Parenthood

douchy atheist is douchy.

Let’s Hope God Never Becomes a Firefighter

The Middle Finger Heard Around The World

Apparently, Middle fingers are obscene now? Is this all we have to be outraged about? I remember seeing the digital fuckup, but just attributed it to incompetence on the broadcaster, but apparently we can attribute it to moral outrage that someone moved their hand in a fashion that was obscene.

No one’s commenting on […]

Why Don’t Atheists Cut Down All the Trees?

Because if Muslims don’t like pork, why don’t Atheists all eat bacon?

oh wait.

Christian Man Refuses to Wear Sticker

how can you be that strict of a xtian with that fey of an accent?

Shit Homophobic People Say