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Appeals Court Rules Against Proselytizing School Board in Chino Valley (CA)

The school board has fought this case for years.

Losers can pray over their loss.

11-Year-Old College Grad Wants to Pursue Astrophysics to Prove God’s Existence

This should end well.

Florida Man Kills His Girlfriend with a Bible, Tells Police She Was “the Devil”

What a tragic story.

Pastor ‘bans women from wearing underwear at church’

A pastor has reportedly told women attending his church not to wear underwear so they can feel closer to God.

Exorcists Bless Former Home of Priest Arrested for Violent Child Rape Porn

Surely, there’s a better way to use this time.

Christian Blogger: Men Want Women Who Are Debt-Free Virgins With No Tattoos

It’s not a very convincing argument.

Christian Activist Star Parker Claims the “B” in LGBT Stands for “Bestiality”

These people love spreading lies.

AL City Council Candidate Releases Flyer Saying She Has the Endorsement of Jesus

Citation needed.

Pacific Rim: Uprising’s Cailee Spaeny on why she won’t make demonic movies

As feature film debuts go, Pacific Rim: Uprising is a pretty major one, and that’s something Cailee Spaeny is more than grateful for. The 20-year-old actress plays John Boyega’s co-lead in the sci-fi sequel, having spent four years of driving back and forth from Missouri to Los Angeles to launch her acting career.


These White Evangelical Leaders Praised Donald Trump After the #SurrenderSummit

These evangelical leaders are disgraceful.