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Trump’s spiritual adviser Paula White suggested people send her their January salary or face consequences from God

The president’s favorite pastor said she donated her own salary too.

Prominent ‘gay conversion therapist’ comes out as gay

David Matheson, now dating men, criticises ‘homophobic-based system’ of Mormon upbringing

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez quotes the Bible after Sarah Huckabee Sanders says she should leave climate change up to God

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hit back at the White House on Wednesday after Sarah Huckabee Sanders dismissed her warning about climate change.

My pup knows shes guilty. Meet Chibi, 3 month old Shiba girl.

46,879 votes and 292 comments so far on Reddit

Trump administration grants waiver to agency that works only with Christian families

The South Carolina ministry can receive tax dollars for foster-care work, the Health and Human Services Department said.

Hacienda HealthCare sexual-assault case: Who is nurse Nathan Sutherland?

Here’s what we know about the 36-year-old nurse accused of raping and impregnating an incapacitated patient under his care.

VA Legislator Votes Against Equal Rights Amendment Since “God Made Us All Equal”

Del. Margaret B. Ransone’s justification for rejecting the ERA was willfully blind, horribly ignorant, and typically Republican.

Lady Gaga blasts Trump and Pence live in Vegas

Gaga get political during her Enigma live show in Las Vegas.

AZ GOP Legislator Introduces Bill to Fund Border Wall with Tax on Internet Porn

The party of small government wants the government to keep records of what everyone is watching online.

‘In God We Trust’ – the bills Christian nationalists hope will ‘protect religious freedom’

The package of new bills are part of Project Blitz, a political playbook that aims to support and promote Christian beliefs