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22 Year Old Preacher Rants Against Atheist Losers

Reminder: Steve Harvey is a sack of crap

no Such thing as FLU season?

Lil Dicky – Pillow Talking feat. Brain

Ass Hole Preacher Ruining Christmas For Kids At A Mall

what a champ!

President Trump lifts restriction on saying “Merry Christmas”

Remind me again when we banned saying that?

numbers are evidence of god, because numbers didn’t evolve

That’s not exactly how math and science work together.

Religious Extremist Gloating Over Trump’s Illegitimate Election

QQ: If Obama wasn’t permitted to appoint a Justice, why the hell would we let Trump appoint one?

An Easy Way to Stop Choir Class from Singing Christian Music

This Student Found an Easy Way to Stop Her Choir Class from Singing Overtly Christian Music

Is the bible 100% correct?